We kicked off the month of May in style, by going to the VDL Enabling Technologies Group’s headquarters in Eindhoven. VDL is a group of more than 100 companies, the ‘five worlds of VDL’ are Science Technology & Health, Mobility, Energy & Infrastructure, Infratech, and Foodtech. We were picked up in a VDL-made bus and drove to Eindhoven. There we were met with a presentation about VDL ETG, this high-tech company provides solutions in sectors of semiconductors, medical, analytical and more! Specifically, there was an engineer presenting their magnetic levitation precision stage that was still in the process of designing and prototyping. The engineer got really in-depth, which was fascinating. Afterwards, we got a tour around the facility. Did you know VDL does a lot of production in-house? The range of milling-, turning- and other machines was impressive. We even got a sneakpeak of the cleanroom where the chambers that create the EUV light for ASML’s machines were being assembled. At the end of the day, we had the opportunity to talk with VDL ETG’s engineers and ask them how it is to work there. It was a very exciting day!