Just before the Christmas break, we visited Temporary Works Design (TWD) in their office in Rotterdam. After a comfortable bus drive of only 20 minutes, we were welcomed by a drink and a snack. After a presentation about TWD and what they do (designing temporary works for mainly the offshore wind industry), we were introduced to a case study. We were challenged to design a stable tower with only wine gums, wooden skewers, and rubber bands. The winner would be the group who built the highest tower. The contest took a lot of teamwork and even minor bleeding injuries due to fanaticism occurred (read: accidentally poking yourself with the sharp tip of a wooden skewer). After this contest, the next challenge was introduced. To make the assignment a bit harder, the tower was now placed on top of a platform simulating ocean wave motion. The group with the highest tower and the best performance without falling apart at the moving platform won this contest. After the winners collected their goodie bags, it was time for some drinks and networking with employees of TWD. Last but not least, we had a quick tour past their office to see what working at TWD would really look like. After a fun afternoon, we took the bus back to Delft.