The challenge of pointing lasers for internet reaching anywhere.

How could you create a superfast internet connection on my cruise ship in order to let all people stream movies at the same time? This client question was leading the case with TNO and Taylor students on Tuesday february 11th. The expertise of TNO in the field of optomechatronics is contributing to the development of laser satellite communication with the secure potential of 10-100 times faster internet. 

After an introduction by Bart van de Laar and his colleague of the cyber department, they guided us to tackle the case approaching the client question to create an internet connection on board of a cruise ship using laser communication with a satellite. Each group member was assigned a role of an expert, project manager or system engineer including extra information kept secret per role. Within half an hour we prepared a presentation about our approach touching upon understanding the question, the motivation of the project, defining the system, questioning feasibility of the solution and thinking about several technical implications ranging from thermal to dynamic aspects. In the end, the laser should be able to point from here in Delft on an envelope in Shanghai. 

In this interactive case we discovered the interesting work with many unknowns in a futuristic and newly developed field and practised creative thinking in technical range, while keeping the agenda of your role in mind. We are curious about the opportunities of 1 terabyte per second of internet speed.  

Keep discovering? The TNO optolab is right at the Stieltjesweg on our TU Delft campus or read further on .