The 20th of April it was time for another sports event at the roaring fields of the Fortuna korfball association. Excited for another afternoon of healthy exercise in the sun after a long week of exams. We started at half past 3 with an epic 6v6 soccer match. More and more people started joining; Fortuna-tely, there was a lot of space to practice various sports.

We split up to play volleyball, Kubbs, soccer and even badminton. Once it was time for a break, the board supplied everyone with water, AA-energy drinks, fruit, and chips. We had nice discussions about our studies, how the exams went and what kind of coming events post-lockdown we are looking forward to! It was a wonderful afternoon of delightful weather, conversations with fellow students and sports. 

Make sure to join the next event, where we will once again have a great time decompressing and working out! Take a look at the pictures ‘in the heat of the battle’ and during our relaxing break here.

-M. Iedema HTE student (20/21)