On the evening of Wednesday the 2nd of December it was time for the second Taylor Pub quiz. Just like the previous time, an online version was set up by the Taylor board. Zoom was used as the classic video platform. The night started with a cocktail workshop given by Mathusu. His expertise on cocktails resulted in the classic Moscow Mule, a mix of vodka and ginger beer on the rocks, finished with some mint and a lime.

Then it was time to go to battle. All students had formed groups and everyone was ready to give it their best shot. The questions were spread out in a variety of difficulties and topics, including questions about insights, but also trivia, films and music. Especially for Toto – Africa the board had chosen a tear-jerking performance. In the end, after everyone put up their best fight, only one team could win; (“where Emma Hoes at [name of one team member, red.]! After the pubquiz, everyone was free to do as they liked, and the board initiated some more online games to continue the “gezelligheid”. Looking back, it was a successful evening in which everyone could get together once again!

-Secretly joining BMD student 20/21