The lockdown opened the opportunity for a whole new competitive element to the New Year’s drinks. This year the New Year was celebrated with an extremely tense game of Bingo, with lots of great prices. The competitive mind I am, I, of course, joined this game of bingo.

The evening kicked off with a speech by our “CEO” Just Herder, motivating us to make the best of 2021. After the toast, the evening genuinely began as the bingo started. So, I set myself up in the most competitive way possible. I grabbed a blanket and made a big cup of ginger tea. And so, the games started. Soon, the first bingo was called. It was a valid bingo. As the night progressed, the 70’s music started to play. More and more bingos were called with even one invalid bingo until the final bingo card was reached. This card had three possible prizes to win. However, everyone in the Zoom call knew there was only one price we were all playing for, the soundbar.

Within minutes the first bingo was called. The Taylor mug was awarded. My odds at this point were terrible. I was not even close to having any sight at a possible bingo. Soon the second bingo was called. My bingo card was already much more filled up than it was at the first bingo. The bingo moved on. At a certain point, I realized I only needed two more number to get a bingo. Only one number left. The hype was getting real, and there it was. I unmuted myself in the Zoom call and shouted: “BINGO!”. Now the only thing between me and the soundbar was Myla checking whether my bingo was valid. And there came the redeeming words: “The bingo is valid, congratulations”.

Overall, the evening was a great success, and it was good to see some faces after sitting inside for so long. I would like to thank the Taylor board for organizing this evening and wish you all the best for 2021!