One of our main goals is to help students during their master in whatever way possible, this page contains a lot of helpful information for anyone busy with their master.

Student information

This page is for our students. Here you can find some information about the department as well as some documents that would come in handy during your study at PME.

3mE Access

As a master student you will get more privileges concerning access to the building, this page summarizes what these privileges are and how you get them.


This page contains useful LaTeX tools, templates, commands and cheat sheets.


Python is becoming more and more important to know how to code in, but is hard to get started on. This link takes you to a page to help you get started.

Master Thesis

This link provides general information and master thesis subjects for all different departments.

Study Programme

This page contains a summary of everything you need to know concerning your study programme.

Interested in HTE?

If you are interested in the Master High Tech Engineering, visit the formal website of the TU Delft. Here you will find all the information about HTE, the master of the PME department.

Keep track of the match results or look up the programme of the Taylor Team here. The Taylor Team is the official PME football team founded in 2018 and sponsored by Prodrive!

Want more information?

Come by at the office or make use of the contact form.