Who are we?


SigmaControl’s strength lies in providing one single integrated concept, made up with top of the market components. SigmaControl has the knowledge to integrate these components perfectly in a concept to meet the needs of each specification. Every industrial production process therefore can be controlled in a successful way. With the ability to act strongly as an organization we can achieve solutions more quickly.

We constantly keep track of the efficiency on a continuous basis, therefore the commercial appeal of your machines will be ensured.

With SigmaControl you can surely rely on expertise which doesn’t end at delivery and implementation. When it comes to effective service and support we are ready for you. Want to know more? Please feel free to contact us!

What we have to offer

Industrial companies evolve constantly. There’s always a need of improvement, efficiency and cost reduction. Not rarely the machine park functions as an accelerator of that evolution. Machine builders of industrial applications have to follow these developments. With SigmaControl, you have a partner who understands your business. We allow you to get your machines to respond to the demands and needs of a changing market. We already did it for twenty years, with a variety of clients, and with one clear vision: to provide machine builders all the tools they need to optimize their own products constantly.

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Emile Heezen

Commissioner of External Affairs

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Astin de Zeeuw

Communicatie – Marketing – Fairs

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