Creating meaningful technologies that make the world work

We develop and produce electronic and mechatronic products and systems with an exceptional price-performance ratio. We can do this because we have smart ways of optimizing, integrating and robotizing, and because we produce everything we need in-house. We contribute to meaningful innovation that tackles major challenges in society. Our technology improves the quality of medical imaging, which allows for diagnostics that recognize diseases earlier and more accurately. Our techniques also contribute to reducing the global dependency on fossil fuels, and to minimizing human exposure to air pollution. Another example is the contribution of our technologies to global digitalization, which lowers barriers for people in third world countries wishing to access the information and education that are essential for their welfare. Therefore, our joint mission is to create meaningful technologies that make the world work.


At Prodrive Technologies you can customize your (parttime) job, graduation assignment or internship to your needs and interests. You can work within different technology programs such as Embedded Computing Systems, Motion & Mechatronics, Power Conversion, Vision & Sensing and Industrial Automation. Together with a huge variety of markets, such as Infrastructure & Energy, Semiconductors, Medical, Mobility Solutions and Industrial, this creates plenty of scope for engineers who have a passion for technology. At Prodrive you can expect to be treated equally and you will receive full responsibilities from day one which will boost your learning curve. You can do this because of our open culture without hierarchy, budgets, or bureaucracy. Next to that our talented population with an average age of 28 years old and a dedicated coach will be readily available for you.

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HR-Manager Development Mechanics

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