On Thursday 11 November the high tech engineering department left on their annual trip to the Precision Fair in  ‘s Hertogenbosch. After getting picked up by our VDL bus driver Hans around 12:00, we arrived at the Precision Fair. Once arrived we were greeted by friendly staff and got our lunch passes meaning that we were ready to explore the fair! On the fair there was a wide variety of companies, going from high tech systems to the suppliers to the manufacturers and also the finished products. The first company we visited on the fair was VDL, we were provided a drink and after briefly discussed the current projects they were working on. Another company we visited was JPE, they were explaining they current projects about air bearings, which was very interesting. After we got the famous JPE formula book and a nice keychain. After visiting more companies, we ended the day with some drinks at the bar. Unfortunately we needed to leave quickly, so there was little time for the drinks. Still it was a very nice day and I would go again next year.

by Fabian Quinten