Bearing the worthwhile journey to PM

On the 30th November, we paid a visit to PM (Precision Metals) in Dedemsvaart. Because the ride was slightly longer than usual, we brought along some cards for entertainment and prepared a nice High Tech crossword. The quickest one to solve the puzzle was the lucky winner of an exclusive set of Taylor cards. Congratulations Stijn de Bruin! As we got closer to our destination, snow started appearing on the side of the road Рthe first signs that Winter was coming. When we got there we were welcomed with a nice lunch and a drink as we listened to a presentation about PM bearings. We learned about the company’s history, including the story about their old logo (featuring cat eyes) and how it started as a family-owned business. They also told us about their projects, graduation opportunities and all the types of linear guides, linear slides and positioning systems they design and manufacture. We got to play with some samples that were set out for us and their smallest linear guide could fit on your fingertip! After the presentation we walked around their extensive production plant, which holds multiple clean rooms and impressive and large machines. Before we knew it we were done with our company visit and went on our way home. Thanks a lot PM for an interesting day in Dedemsvaart!