On the 13th of October, The first edition of the Taylor game night was held. In short, a wide variety of classics like ‘Catan’ or ‘Monopoly’ were played among students. By using a common discord chat from the HTE whatsapp group, we could all chat with each other during the online games, which made it much more personal and socially active. Personally,I am a big fan of the new game “Among Us”, which is a new game where you have to find the traitor amongst the group of players. Some heated discussions  and genuinely exciting games were the result. Taylor also provided us with some free craft beers which we could pick up behind the university. All in all, I really enjoyed it and had a good time with my fellow students. At least this way we can still get to know some other people, which is always a welcome distraction from our master.


HTE student 20/21