As February turned into March, Taylor continues to organize interesting events to keep its student aware of industry developments and motivated to keep on studying, despite not having been at the university in weeks or perhaps months. Today’s activity was a lunch lecture of a company called PM. The lunch lecture was given by Mathys te Wierik, an enthusiastic former TU Delft high tech student.

First, we were given a general description of what the company does, at which scale and what kind of clients it has. Then we were acquainted with its specialization: high precision linear and rotating bearings and slides. Exactly the kind of thing high tech students must be and are fantasizing about.

We were also shown a positioning stage, designed for a client. The product was already finished, which gave Mathys te Wierik the chance to show the complications that arise when working in PMs field of expertise. These complications had a lot more overlap with the courses I am following now during my first year of the high-tech master, which surprised me in a positive way!

-Emile Heezen (HTE student 20/21)