In the afternoon of the 10th of February, Taylor invited employees of Philips to give the students of HTE an introduction to the technique of their company. The lecture was given by Rob van Gils from Philips Innovation Services. He was very enthusiastic and did his very best to make the lecture interactive.

The focus of the lecture was an overview of efficient ways on amazingly highly complex thermal systems that are commonly employed within Philips Innovation Services. As the lecture got going, it was introduced that high precision systems become increasingly reliant upon the ability for sub-millikelvin thermal conditioning. To obtain high stability levels, advanced thermal control schemes are built and is beneficial from appropriate modelling. These appropriate models namely provide required insights of thermal behaviours in frequency domain that are extremely difficult to obtain experimentally. Some techniques were introduced by the lecturer used to solve these difficulties in Philips, inspiring us how to apply principles to solve industrial problems.

Overall, it was an enriched and interesting lecture of a diverse company being able to solve many difficult and practical thermal problems. I am looking forward to learning more about how to apply thermal principles into real thermal system design.

-W. She, HTE student ‘20/’21