On the 18th of November, Roy Bijster and Dylan Sikkelbein from the hittech Group hosted a lunch lecture for the PME department at 3ME. Roy Bijster is a systems engineer at Hittech Multin, he gave some insight into the general workings of the Hittech Group. Dylan Sikkelbein then provided some examples of the projects that different companies in the group are working on.

We learned that the Hittech Group is a supplier of high-tech products, consisting of a set of sub-companies. These companies develop for a broad range of the mechanical field, supplying to sectors such as the medical sector, but also to the semiconductor industry. Concerning their product, the focus is mainly on high performance parts, with tight tolerances and requirements. As such, parts are made from exotic metals and alloys. These kinds of metals can be difficult to work with, so partners in the group research new fabrication methods in order to optimise manufacturing and assembly. This is also the part which applies to students looking for a graduation project, as Hittech is interested in providing students with the possibility of an insight into these studies.

– Michiel