This page contains a multitude of useful LaTeX files, divided in different subcategories.



You can make LaTeX documents in different programs, we have listed both an online and an offline program, the key difference is that Overleaf is collaborative with a longer time to compile, while TeXstudio is solo and has a shorter compile time.

  • Overleaf: An online LaTeX editor very useful for small group projects
    • The TU Delft has a deal with Overleaf which allows you to get the pro version for free. Click here
  • Texstudio: An offline LaTeX editor very useful for large solo projects (i.e. thesis).
    • MiKTeX: Contains all information a LaTeX editor needs to compile files, therefore necessary to be able to use any LaTeX editor

(Incredibly) Useful Tools

LaTeX, despite all its advantages, can be an incredibly frustrating and tedious program to use. These tools will help a great deal in remedying that problem.

  • Cheat Sheet: This cheat sheet contains almost all commonly used commands.
  • Mathpix: This snipping tool allows you to take a picture of a mathmatical formula and will then return the LaTeX code to recreate it.
  • Detexify: This tool allows you to draw any symbol and it will return the LaTeX code for that particular symbol
  • Table Generator: This tool will help you create tables without any hassle.
  • Equation Editor: This tool will help you make equations from scratch.