In the middle of March, Itec visited our faculty, giving a presentation about their company on PME Square, a place they were quite familiar with, as they told us later. Itec, headquartered in Nijmegen, is a constituent of the Nexperia Group, encompassing a workforce of 250 employees spread across Europe and Asia. Specializing in the final stages of semiconductor manufacturing, Itec pioneers state-of-the-art machines that enable chip-handling from wafer to package. With the escalating demands for speed, Itec is actively exploring innovative solutions to improve their machinery.
To drive this innovation, Itec is collaborating with the TU Delft and especially our high-tech department, which opens up numerous internship and thesis opportunities. Following the presentation, an interactive session during the networking drinks allowed students to pose questions to Itec representatives, delving into the company culture and current projects.