PME football tournament

Is the PME department as competitive on the football field as in the research field of precision and microsystems? Can the more experienced phd-ers, professors or other employees still outperform the young PME football talents? Or will the PME students show the youth has the future?

To answer these questions, a football activity for all PME employees and students is organised! Unexperienced and experienced players are both invited! Depending on the number of applicants, it will be either a small tournament or a single match hosted at the sport centre X at the TU campus. The match will be on a synthetic football field, so sporting clothes and sport shoes (such as football, running, hockey) are the only things required.If you are interested, please use the following sign up sheet:

For now the tournament date is set to be theĀ 15th of May, fromĀ 16.30 until 17.30, if it appears this date is inconvenient for many, it will be changed to another friday afternoon in Q4.


Date 15/05/2020

Time 16:30 - 18:00

Location X TU Delft

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