Last Tuesday on the 11th of May, Taylor organized for some companies to come together such that we high tech engineers could meet them on the online Gather Town platform. The companies they arranged were rather interesting, Huisman for example, has nothing to do with high tech engineering as far as I knew before. Turns out they actually have cool projects to work on (although not so much up my alley). Nevertheless, is it cool to see that the opportunities are endless as an engineer.
The meeting had to be held online (un)fortunately, as this allowed me to just chill and listen while dressed in such a way that would not have been appropriate had it been face to face. It started with a nice welcome talk from the wonder professor Just Herder followed by some quick company presentations. Some of which were already familiar from the lunch lectures such as Sioux. Personally, I was really intrigued by VIRO, as they work on various projects for various customers which keeps things interesting. I showed some interest in what they do, and they asked me to have an intake conversation to see if there is a possibility for an internship or thesis place. Then there was Spectral, a relatively new and small company that works with fascinating technology. In a nutshell, shoot stuff with plasma lasers and a bit of engineering magic and then you know in real time, what the material composition is of the thing you are shooting. I could continue summarizing all the companies but if you are still reading this then I would like to thank you for your patience and wish you a nice day <3.

-N. Bouman (HTE Student 20/21)