It’s not every day that we can visit a company by bike. With only a few minutes of cycling or public transport, we arrived at Hittech Multin in The Hague. After enjoying a presentation about the company and what types of projects they do, it became clear that you do not have to travel far from Delft to work on interesting High-tech projects. 

After the presentation, we split up into five groups and were given a tour of the facilities. Such as their workplaces, assembly rooms and the cleanroom. After having seen a lot of technology they have been working on, it was our turn to put our minds to work! We performed a short case study on designing a rotating stylus for a measurement device. Keeping in mind the high precision, low mass and strict financial constraints it was a challenging project. 

After we presented our solutions, the people from Hittech Multin showed their decision-making process and final design. We had an interesting discussion about their engineering decisions and could clearly see that the theoretical knowledge we are taught in our studies had to be applied to solve these challenges

As a final part of the visit, we had a drink and the opportunity to talk to employees to ask any questions we still had about the company. 

After a very informative visit, we finished a great day at Hittech Multin with a bike ride home.

– Cas van Ruiten