On Tuesday 22 November, we were visited by Gerbert Smits, the CEO from 10XL. This scale-up company is revolutionizing manufacturing in a sustainable way. Large scale additive manufacturing (3D-printing) is their specialty. Gerbert explained how the company has already made benches in parks, small bridges, boats, and many other products. The self-developed materials are recycled and recyclable thermoplastics that last a very long time. With the 10XL-deposit, or ‘statiegeld’ policy, they make sure their products are returned at their end-of-life and the materials are repurposed for new products. Gerbert is passionate about circular manufacturing and as legislation and public opinion comes more and more in line with that view, the company will become very succesful. If you want to contribute to this new way of doing things, contact Gerbert, because they need mechanical engineers!